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Welcome to New Hampshire Digital LLC

Having a website isn't just about presenting information anymore. Sure, that's a big part of it that many would argue is the primary purpose, but here at New Hampshire Digital we know it's only a small fraction of the benefits a modern website can offer your business. NH Digital is your resource for all things New Hampshire website development related. We understand the competative marketplace of our Granite State and know how to make you stand out from your competitors. We don't just design and develop your website, we take it and your business to the next level!

We specialize in the marriage of website design, development, photography, videography, search engine optimization, and American Disability Association compliance.

What This Means To You:

Unlike traditional web development firms that often segregate design, development, SEO, photography etc. across different individuals or teams, we believe in a more holistic approach. We pride ourselves in our ability to navigate the crossroads of design, development, SEO best practices, ADA compliance, and website media. This integrated approach not only ensures a cohesive and visually compelling website, but also guarantees that every element works in harmony to enhance user experience, boost search engine visibility, and convey a compelling visual narrative. By housing all these elements under one roof, we streamline the entire process, resulting in websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust and designed to set your business apart from your competition.

Our designs are created with website development in mind. Our photography is conducted while considering the designs. Our websites are developed to be SEO structured and ADA compliant. We could go on...

The Bottom Line:

When you segregate aspects of a websiute build, you can't take advantage of what a website is truly capable of. Keeping the entire build in-house means that we don't have to compromise and can deliver one-of-a-kind websites at a lower cost than our competitors.

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A Message From the Owner

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I have always been a "creator". From graphic design classes in highschool, to a previous career as a woodworker up in Maine, there is no better feeling than finishing a product you can be proud of. I take immense pride in my websites and best of all, I enjoy what I do. On the weekends when I'm not spending time with my wife and dog, working on my car, or hiking the New Hampshire trails you'll find me neck deep in code creating effects, layouts, and functionality to improve user experience, ADA compliance, and SEO structure.

I work hand-in-hand with my clients and see our relationship as more of a partnership than a company/contractor. When your website gets you more attention, it gets New Hampshire Digital LLC more attention. This approach has netted me quite a few clients-turned-friends and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Why Choose New Hampshire Digital LLC?

The marriage of design and development enables NH Digital to create websites that you simply can't with a static design. This, in combination with an obsession for unique designs and user experiences, ensure that your website will be one-of-a-kind. Your website is your company's first impression more often than not. A unique website that provides the best user experience will stick with a potential client and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Recent Design Work

Bad Habits Sauce Co.

Bad Habits Sauce Co. is a New Hampshire based hot sauce company. After seeing some of NH Digital's deisgn work the co-owner, Sam, insisted that we design her website. After getting to know Sam a bit, it was evident that her website needed to be bold and edgy, with a hint of levity.The result is an in-your-face, unapologetic website, with animated red waves operating as the breaks in the page content.

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bad habits hot sauce website image

Aurum Recovery

Aurum Recovery, another NH based company, specializes in electronics recycling and recovery. They came to NH Digital with a problem. Their outdated site, built on a page builder, was unable to update without completely crashing. This is a big issue as updates are consistently released by plugins and themes in order to plug security holes. Outdated plugins and themes are the #1 way that websites become hacked. Their website was also in need of a style update. We wanted to give this website a modern and techie, yet industrial look. Looking at any of our sites, you'll notice we regularly use motion to make an engaging environment. With a looped background video, a banner video, and some parallax effects this site is no different.

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New Hampshire aurum recovery website image

Small Town Scuttlebutt

Small Town Scuttlebutt is a comical podcast, operating out of Maine, focusing on small town problems. As their podcast gained popularity, they needed a website to advertise and host it. They also needed an ecommerce store to sell their merch and their stand up shows throughout Maine and New Hampshire. They wanted a simple website that still reflected their brand and atmosphere. With a mouse based background movement, custom parallax effects, and a high-contrast design, you get a clean and efficient website, built for scalability, that suits all their needs.

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small town scuttlebutt website design
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Make Your Website Stand Out

This is where it all comes together; where the benefit of the design/develop combo is revealed. The primary goal with every website we are fortunate enough to design and develop is to make it stand out. Through custom animations/layouts, non-standard interfaces, and bold design practices, you can rest assured that your website will be one-of-a-kind.

Whether local to New England or across the world, we remain in communication with our clients during the entire website development process. From start to finish, your website is a collaborative effort.

While design is an an important aspect of building a website, we also ensure appropriate page load speed, ADA compliance, SEO structure, security, scalability, future-proof code, and usability throughout the entire development process. New Hampshire Digital LLC websites are a balance of user experience(UX), user interface(UI) and best practices. The final product is a website that reliable, functional, and impactful.

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Development Practices

New Hampshire Digital websites start with a base template theme created from the ground up to be quick, safe, and reliable. We utilize only properly vetted plugins and create functionality ourselves whenever possible. This approach greatly lessens the possibility of conflict issues.

Our websites are unique as they are created utilizing custom fields and a flexible layout. This means that our clients can log in, edit their own content, move sections around, and create posts/pages all on their own. The styling and functionality are all taken care of behind the scenes. We provide instructional videos and give you a tour of your finished site to show how to edit items and answer any questions you may have.

While we encourage all our clients to learn how to edit their own content, we are also happy to make any/all edits for you. One of the most common complaints we hear from previous clients is that their current developer stopped responding. We stand by our work and are always available for additional edits or changes.

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SEO Structure

SEO is an often overlooked set of practices and techniques used to optimize a website so that it ranks higher in search engine results for relevant queries. The goal of SEO is to increase the visibility and quality of traffic to a website through organic (non-paid) search engine results. It helps attract relevant and targeted traffic. On a blank note, it helps you show up before your competitors on Google and other search engines. By optimizing for specific keywords related to your content or business, you are more likely to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

These algorithms take almost all aspects of a website into account, including (but not limited to) ADA compliance, page load speed, content, keywords, meta tags, layout shifts, and heading structure. For these reasons, it's important to be careful while designing and developing a site with the goal of successful on search engines. New Hampshire DigitalLLC structures all our sites to have a competitive edge over other sites that were developed just with design in mind.

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A well designed and developed website is great, but it requires a reliable hosting environment to thrive. Opting for our hosting and maintenance package ensures access to top-tier hosting services. At NH Digital, we host our sites on dedicated WordPress servers, guaranteeing daily backups, enhanced security features, a staging environment, and servers meticulously optimized for WordPress hosting. Alongside this hosting, subscribers benefit from weekly updates and one hour of inclusive development work each month. This work can be anything from minor adjustments to complete page overhauls, ensuring your website stays not only well-designed but also consistently optimized and secure.


Another crucial aspect of website development is the implementation of proper security measures. New Hampshire DigitalLLC develops our sites on WordPress for many reasons, but there is one large drawback to this approach. As WordPress is one of the largest content hosting packages, it is also the most attacked. The number one reason that a website becomes compromised is outdated plugins or themes. As we develop all our sites using our own theme, this portion is a non-issue. However, plugins are an extremely beneficial aspect of WordPress. They enable developers to include functionality that can take days or months to develop ourselves. By properly vetting plugins and performing regular updates, your site stands a much lower chance of getting hacked. All sites will also include a free firewall, provided by wordfence, and can upgrade to a paid account for additional security if desired.


Spam is an inevitability of online forms. Malicious bots systematically scan websites in search of forms to flood recipients with spam emails. These unsolicited messages often aim to sell products, promote inappropriate websites, or entice recipients to click on links that could infect their computers. In the past, the go-to solution for anti-spam was Google's Recaptcha, recognized by the familiar checkbox or "selecting all images containing a bus" that many of us have encountered numerous times.

Recaptcha is quickly becoming a thing of the past as spam filters and the bots they're meant to block become more advanced. Any site we develop that utilizes a contact form or comments will come with akismet anti-spam. We have seen drastic drops in spam submissions/comments on sites that utilize this plugin. You can never block all spam, but when you choose New Hampshire DigitalLLC, you'll get one of the best anti-spam setups available, at no additional cost!

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Website Photography is Different...

Photography for a website is quite different from standard photography. Normal images on a website are generally cropped to a specific aspect ratio to maintain design continuity. This means that the photos have to have the important content centered within this aspect ratio so nothing gets cut off. Background images are generally wide and short, and should be photographed with this in mind. For these images, you also have to take into account what content will be in front of them and if the photo content will work with the website content.

By following these guidelines you end up with a website that looks polished and professional. While the photos themselves may not be anything to put in a museum, it's more important that they work well with the site structure than work well as a stand alone image.

So How do You Take Photos for a Website?

A common misconception people have about website images is that they believe the higher quality, the better. While you definitely want good quality photos for your website, web browsers can only render photos at 72 pixels per inch. This resolution is much lower than most cameras, including your phone! Images should also never be more that 1200px across. Images larger than this are frowned upon due to their impact on page load speed. Extensive experience utilizing photo editing programs enables New Hampshire Digital to not only size the images correctly, but optimize them and save them in web friendly formats. This decreases page load speed and subsequently improves user experience and SEO.

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Make Your Website POP!

Videos on a website can drastically increase the user experience. They're a great way to showcase your company in a clean, professional way. Some concepts are better explained through visuals rather than text. Whether it's a tutorial, product demonstration, explanatory piece, or a decorative banner video, videos allow you to convey complex information in a concise and easily digestible format. This not only improves understanding but also makes your content more accessible to a diverse audience.

Seeing real people or authentic demonstrations in videos can humanize your brand. It adds a personal touch and helps build trust with your audience. Testimonials, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage contribute to establishing credibility, making visitors more likely to connect with and trust your brand.

Videography for Websites

As with photography, videography specific for websites is different than standard videography. You might have a great commercial that you want on your site as a background video for your banner, but what type of content does the video show? Is there text in the video that will conflict with the text on the website? Is the video a fast paced montage that will distract the user? It's crucial to use videos appropriately and conservatively on your website. You don't want to visually overwhelm your visitors or slow down your site by loading too much data.

What We Do

When it comes to videos that are part of the main page content, you have creative freedom. But when you're making a video for a background or styling effect, things need to be toned down. NH Digital creates videos with their final purpose in mind, utilizing optimization and balancing quality with load speed. The combination of drone and standard videography enables us to create professional quality videos for our clients without the extravagant cost of contracting a separate videographer.

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Reach out to New Hampshire DigitalLLC

While we are based out of New Hampshire, don't let that stop you from reaching out if you're not from around here! We work with clients across New England, the USA, and the globe. Whether you're just toying with the idea of a new website or ready to move forward, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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